Text Chat for Live Events

Welcome to TheatreChat, the ultimate text chat app designed specifically for live events. TheatreChat allows you to communicate with ease over your existing show network using the well-implemented OSC spec. Whether you're a technician, stage manager, designer, or operator, TheatreChat's industry-specific features such as the ability to flash client screens and create preset messages make it the perfect tool for efficient communication during your shows.

Fully Decentralized

TheatreChat doesn't rely on any central server to operate. Instead, all clients use broadcast networking to ensure messages reach all clients on the network. TheatreChat does not require an internet connection to operate, and is virtually plug-and-play with any wired or wireless show network. TheatreChat is also completely free and no data ever leaves your network. It's like Web3, but without the scams.

OSC, like everything else

TheatreChat is based on the widely-implemented Open Sound Control (OSC) specification, which allows you to use any OSC-compatible software to send and receive messages. This means you can use TheatreChat with any show control software, including QLab, TouchDesigner, and even ETC Eos.

Free Forever

TheatreChat is completely free to use, and will always be. If you'd like to support the development of TheatreChat and other projects, you can buy me a coffee .

TheatreChat's strength is that it's dead simple, so I can't imagine you'll be needing extensive support, but if you do, get in contact and I can help you out. I also a variety of other services and paid software, so be sure to check that out too.